Ted Mastrucci, founder and President of American Project & Repair wanted to build a strong facilities management solutions company capable of creating a safe and comfortable environment for its local customers- but he also wanted more. He wanted to duplicate this reliability across the country so that its clients could streamline their business as AP&R kept up and grew alongside with the evolving demands of multi-site organizations.

Over the last 20 years, American Project & Repair has broadened its service offerings and family of vendors to become a nation-wide network of licensed experts from a variety of trades, available on demand for facilities management.

Through solid relationships and referrals, American Project & Repair continues to serve a growing base of customers and continues to be the preferred choice for facilities management and repairs operations management.



  • AP&R founder and CEO Ted Mastrucci opens for business nationally with a client base in retail and manufacturing
  • AP&R incorporates warranty repairs for builders and contractors
  • AP&R performs its first major roll-out
  • AP&R wins Connex's Supplier Company of the Year (Formerly PRSM)
  • AP&R begins opening pop-up and seasonal stores for clients simultanously across the counrtry
  • AP&R expands its client base to include car rental & restaurants
  • AP&R launches VITO, it's management database system
  • AP&R expands its client base to include schools and colleges
  • AP&R celebrates 10th year in business
  • AP&R begins working with landlords and property management companies
  • AP&R expands its client base to include family entertainment venues such a bowling alleys and movie theaters
  • AP&R expands its client base to include grocery stores
  • AP&R expands its client base to include dental offices and medical facilities
  • AP&R expands its client base to include gyms and spin class locations
  • AP&R moves to new corporate offices located in Brighton, Michigan
  • AP&R celebrates their 20th year in business!
  • AP&R expands its client base more to include convenience stores & gas stations
  • AP&R launches Virtual Tool Belt 2.0

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